Najczęstsze pytania i odpowiedzi

1. What is the difference between Diamett floorboard and competitive products?

Diamett floorboards, like other products on the market, have a three -layer structure

We used HDF 950 kg/m3 - with low thermal resistance - instead of spruce - which increases thermal resistance - and operating costsi

Thanks to the use of HDF 950 kg/m3 with maximum moisture resistance, our UNCLICK boards connecting system is extremely precise with tolerance to 0.05 mm - solid and three-layer floors have 0.2 mm tolerance and the joints are not resistant to moisture

2. Can Diamett floor boards be renovated?

Of course


When scraping as in the case of competitive floorings, they must be glued to the ground - otherwise the scraper will tear the connections - regardless of the brand

Thanks to the use of HDF 950KG/M3, resistant to moisture, our products are extremely stable in terms of dimensions and thickness - thanks to which scraping does not have to be as invasive as in the case of floorings on the spruce core - which allows you to increase the number of renovations

Single boards in case of mechanical damage can be replaced

We have systems for repairing point damage

Floors mounted in the FLOATING system can be renewed with a non-invasive method of matting varnish to increase grip and re-application of varnish


Oiled flooring is not to be scraped, you only apply a layer of oxidative oil

3. What rooms are Diamett floorboards suitable for?

Diamett floorboards can be mounted both at home and in public facilities. However, due to the construction of the Diamett boards, it is not recommended to install them in rooms with high humidity, e.g. a bathroom.

4. Is Diamett suitable for underfloor heating?

Yes. Diamett floorboards, thanks to their design, are ideal for mounting on low-temperature underfloor heating (up to 30°)

5. How to clean SpaFloor floorboards?

SpaFloor floor boards are cleaned in a traditional way, i.e. a vacuum cleaner and a damp mop. However, remember not to use too much water! In addition, it is also recommended to use a dedicated soap for oiled floors.