Care and renovation

Diamett floors are extremely durable for normal domestic use. However, over time, you may want to renew an aging floor.

A lacquered Diamett floor is very easy to renovate. We recommend the Bona Recoat System which makes renovating aging floors a breeze. fast and inexpensive. This system does not require time-consuming removal of the entire varnish down to the bare wood; only the top layer of the paint coating is sanded. Residues of cleaning products, fine scratches are removed. After resealing with varnish, the Diamett floor is ready for use the next day.




  1. Thoroughly clean the surface with a Bona Power Scruber using Bona Deep Clean Solution or Bona Deep Clean

  2. Using Bona Diamond System sandpapers, we remove only the top layer of varnish.

  3. We vacuum the floor very thoroughly to ensure proper adhesion of the new varnish

  4. On the prepared surface we apply varnish from the system Bona Recoat Bona Traffic HD

  5. The floor starts to be used the next day after the varnish dries


recoat bona floor renovation bona recoat floor renovation



In the event of impacts with very heavy sharp objects, puncture mechanical damage can occur even in a very hard floor Diamett

We use meltable hard waxes to repair this type of damage.


  1. The place of damage should be cleaned, vacuumed, loose fragments removed, or degreased

  2. We choose the right hard wax color

  3. Fill the surface defect with a hard wax heating device

  4. The right color is obtained by mixing the base colors and adding a transparent filler

  5. Remove excess wax with a spatula

  6. Degrease the repaired fragment

  7. Apply a thin, colorless layer of varnish

Very often the damage is small and punctual

One of the very interesting ideas that even the most eminent flooring brands use is to simply make a beautiful KNOT from the place of damage.

floor renovation repair waxes





  1. Thoroughly clean the surface with a Bona Power Scruber using an oil cleaner

  2. We vacuum the floor very thoroughly to ensure proper adhesion of the new oil

  3. On the prepared surface, apply the first layer of oil, approx. 35 ml/m2

  4. After 6 hours, apply a second layer of varnish, approx. 20 ml/m2

The floor starts to be used after 12 hours

Care for an oiled floor

During the first week, you should not put carpets on them, so that the oil can oxidize evenly and thus harden (furniture, if it is on legs, can be brought in after about 48 hours).< /p>

The first cleaning should be done after at least a week, using specialized products for oiled floors, e.g. linseed soap. It is best to choose agents of the type recommended by the manufacturer of the selected oil.

Important! Laying carpets too quickly on an oiled floor may result in a stain of a different color than the rest of the floor.

In order for the floor to meet our expectations, it should be regularly oiled - for the first years every six months, then less and less often. The oil, penetrating the pores of the wood fibers, protects them against biodegradation, drying out, eliminating minor scratches (the fibers swell)

Sweeping or vacuuming is sufficient for the daily care of oiled wood. All floors, including oiled floors, should be regularly wet washed. We recommend using water with the addition of floor soap or oil soap, which not only washes off, but also creates a renewable protective layer on the floor. The floor is heavily soiled, it should be thoroughly washed with an intensive cleaner that effectively dissolves dirt, grease and old soap residue from the outer surface of the wood, and then with oil soap

A floor exposed to heavy loads should be additionally treated with a care paste or oil that refreshes and renovates it. Both finishes are also recommended when the floor becomes dull or gray after prolonged use.

All care products are available in white and natural. The first of them are dedicated to floors covered with white oil, and the colorless ones - to natural and colored floors